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4 reasons why you need an anti-vandal cabin?

Any act of vandalism by the more capricious elements in society can result in losses, and the impact is even higher if you are working on a construction site in a remote area where access to cameras and security is minimal. What are you supposed to do in such a case? Leave the construction material out under the sky for the pickings of thieves, or opt for anti-vandal cabins so that everything is under lock and key? Choosing anti-vandal cabins makes perfect sense for those who are in construction and need to safeguard their inventory at any given location.

What is an anti-vandal cabin?

Anti-vandal cabins are secured portable structures that are specifically designed for unsecured premises, and can be used as a site office, storage, or gatehouse. So, even when you are working on an unknown horizon, constructing anti-vandal cabins gives you the comfort that everything is secure.

Why should you use anti-vandal cabins?

With statistics showing that the number of criminal cases in the UK reached a staggering 2.1 million in the last year, and victims having to shell out 8 million pounds for repairs, there is no option of making your inventory vulnerable at the hands of miscreants. Using anti-vandal cabins is an ideal solution for the following reasons:

  • Security: Anti-vandal cabins are so designed that they are difficult to break-into. Thus your important documents, equipment, and information remain protected when you have an anti-vandal cabin installed at a construction site.
  • Durability: Anti-vandal cabins are probably the strongest onsite units you will come across. These cabins are put through a fire test as well, so that thieves don’t have the slightest chance of causing a disturbance at your construction site.
  • Low maintenance: Anti-vandal cabins are made of glass-reinforced plastic, a low cost and lightweight material. It can withstand exposure to harsh conditions and doesn’t cost you a fortune to maintain either.
  • Vigilance: If you need to have an overnight night stay at a construction site, you can sleep soundly in an anti-vandal cabin and keep a check on any untoward incident which might happen on the site. Portable toilets, canteen, etc. all add to the comfort.

Keep a check on your equipment and machinery at the construction site by getting high quality and durable anti-vandal units from Relocatable Building Systems. Call them at 0128 373 4900 for detailed information on the same.

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