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Why Modular Buildings have everything you need

Are you planning to revamp your office building but the thought of the hassles during the process are making you linger on the decision? If such is the case, make sure that your plans for growth and expansion don’t take a backseat, because modular buildings are the ultimate solution for those who want construction as per their convenience and preference.

modular buildings

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What is a Modular Building?

Prefabricated buildings or houses which are constructed away from the site and delivered to the intended site only after completion are termed as modular buildings. These buildings consist of sections called modules which are prefabricated and are installed at the given site using interconnections. There is no difference in the quality of material used in the construction of a modular building or a traditional building. Designing codes and specifications are just the same, with the only exception that it happens somewhere else and it is only the finished module which is brought on site.

What makes modular construction stand tall?

Who doesn’t want perfection without going an extra mile? Everyone wishes to have the perfect house or the grandeur building without having to do much. This is possible with modular construction, where easy installation, budgeted solutions and time-saving techniques have changed the game of construction.

  1. Time-saving: Modular construction helps in saving up to 50% time because:
  • Construction, manufacturing and site preparation happen simultaneously, which helps in saving lots of time.
  • Unexpected weather changes or harsh climatic conditions result in the delay while going the traditional way. But in case of modular construction, these external issues don’t hamper the work because everything happens in a controlled environment.
  • Existing modules can suffice the need for immediate requirements. For instance, an existing site sleeping accommodation might do the needful without requiring much time and resources.
  1. Cost-efficient: When inventory gets streamlined, cost automatically reduces and in case of modular construction, loss due to climate changes, wastage etc gets reduced and thus helps in overall saving.
  2. Safe construction: Accidents and mishaps on construction sites are a common phenomenon. With modular construction, these risks have been minimised because workers are assigned work in a specific space accordingly and no one plays with heights.
  3. Evades labour issues: Even with minimal staff, you can build modules without asking anyone to travel and get into unnecessary trouble.

Relocatable Building Systems offers modular construction solutions for effortless renovation!

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